“Anyone determined to see beyond so-called impossibilities to pursue their destiny in life should read Beating the Odds.  This book will change lives and inspire future generations of business leaders.”

Earl G. Graves, Sr., founder, Chairman & Publisher, Black Enterprise

 “The impressive performance of Eddie Brown and Brown Capital Management amply demonstrates why Ernst & Young puts such a high premium on supporting entrepreneurship.  You never know which businessperson may turn out to be the next Eddie Brown, someone who’s an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.”

James S. Turley, Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young

“Eddie Brown’s transformation from pre-teen moonshine runner to managing billions of other people’s dollars is a business tale for the ages.  And, I know an extraordinary business saga when I see one!”

James I. Cash, Jr. PhD, former Chairman Harvard Business School MBA Program

“Eddie Brown’s story is one of determination, talent, and hard work. His background is not typical for a business success story. But, as he relates in this book, he overcame many obstacles on his path to outstanding achievement in the demanding investment management profession. He has built a highly regarded firm by emphasizing his core beliefs, focusing on quality, performance, and attention to clients. The book also shows the clear parallels in Brown’s attention to his community, education, and family.”

Abby Cohen


 “What makes this book stand out amongst other business bios, though, is the dogged focus he’s displayed throughout his entire life and the way he shares it.  Brown is a born storyteller and his tales are delightfully inspiring.  For entrepreneurs, investors, and business-bios, “Beating the Odds” is a book to stay with.”

 ­Terri Schlichenmeyer, Syndicated Book Review Columnist

Beating the Odds is not only a great title, it’s also the perfect way to describe Brown’s life.”

 Michele Caprario, Splash Magazine

“This is an excellent book. No self-help psycho-babble or get rich quick mess. Eddie Brown’s life lessons are an example to everyone wanting to Beat the Odds. All you need is vision, faith, hardwork, a passion for knowledge and the will to better yourself. The best bio I have ever read and an example of what it is to be an American.”

Anthony K. Cook, Amazon Verified Purchaser