Beating the Odds; Eddie Brown’s Investing and Life Strategies is a testament to the life of Eddie Brown, a life that began in extreme poverty and has now, through struggles and seemingly unconquerable obstacles, become one of great wealth and success.  From his impoverished birth to a 13-year-old-mother, Eddie started his entrepreneurship early on as a moonshine runner, eventually working up to positions with IBM and T. Rowe Price before becoming head of Brown Capital Management, a Baltimore-based financial services firm that has amassed more than $6 billion under management and is one of the country’s oldest African-American-owned investment firms.

An autobiography for anyone interested in investing or stories of self-made success, Beating the Odds offers a glimpse into the life of an extraordinary businessman and philanthropist.  Reading this book, you’ll learn to see the world as Eddie does: not as a series of unbeatable struggles, but as a series of difficulties that are meant to be overcome.  You’ll not only learn about Eddie and his life, you’ll learn about your own, and few can read this story without changing their personal outlook on the world.

Whether you’re looking for a new outlook on life or an uplifting story of self-made success, Beating the Odds will deliver what you’re looking for and more.  Purchase your copy here.